The Waiting Room

“So, how’s your love life??”

“We need to find you a man.”

“You should meet my grandson, he needs a woman like you.”

“Do you have a boyfriend? Why not??”

“How are you still single??”

These are all things I hear weekly, if not daily. Whether it be from my students (awkward), friends, coworkers, or people from church it’s all the same. Everyone expects me to be in a relationship or at least pursuing one. And when they find out I’m single, they’re shocked.

I know I’m awesome, but do you have to act so surprised?…I mean really, at this point it’s as though “Single” is my dirty little secret that needs to be swept under the rug.


However, since I’m out of college, I should obviously be in a serious relationship, engaged, or married by now… *rolls eyes*

Here’s a question:

When did being single become a disease that needed to be cured?

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being single. But society has made it this “problem” that needs to be fixed so that any woman who is single begins to feel as though there is something wrong with her. And that breaks my heart. No woman should ever feel that she is inadequate, anything less than beautiful, or that she is boring.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). God does not make trash; He makes masterpieces.

But women have a tendency to forget that because we are so constantly bombarded with questions and statements about our singleness. I can honestly say that more than once, someone’s remark about me not being in a relationship has caused me to doubt myself and my own happiness. As if I need a man in my life to determine how successful, how beautiful, how wonderful, and how happy I am.

These people never consider that maybe I already found the love of my life. The man I turn to for everything, who I share all my doubts, fears, and self-conscious thoughts with, who I know will be with me through every trial and tribulation is literally perfect. He is my Savior, my Redeemer, my Comforter, the Love of My Life, and my Best Friend. That man is Jesus Christ. And he is the ONLY man who without him I am nothing. There is no man on this earth who will ever fulfill me the way Christ does.

My relationship with Christ is just about the only serious relationship I can handle right now. I’m at the beginning of my career, I live at home, and I’m still trying to figure out how this adult thing works (WHERE DID ALL THESE BILLS COME FROM?!)

Here are the facts: I am single. I am in my 20s. I am happy. And no one can take that away from me.

To the people out there who are more concerned with my love life than I am: back off. Let me enjoy this time of singleness. This is a time to discover myself.

To my fellow single ladies: OWN IT. Rock that single life and embrace it! You are beautiful. Fall in love with Christ and pursue Him. He will never break your heart or leave you feeling worthless.

We have to realize that being single is NOT a “waiting room”. I am not coasting through this part of my life waiting for some nonexistent Prince Charming to show up so that my life can start. My life starts here and it starts now.



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